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What is Schizoaffective Disorder?

November 10, 2019

Schizoaffective means that a schizophrenic does not have just schizophrenia but they have a mood disorder like bipolar in addition to schizophrenia. Schizophrenia causes hallucinations and delusions that occur naturally in your brain. To all the anti-Western medicine people: I need my medication and I need my insulin. I’m a fragile person. Schizoaffective requires that the sufferer take medication just to be able to sleep at night. Medication treats delusions, as well as mood swings. Mania leads to depression in a schizoaffective person. Schizoaffectives can be misdiagnosed as only having schizophrenia. Taking medication is better than having continual, disorganized thoughts. If they have schizoaffective-related depression they will feel sad or worthless, although mania causes risky behavior, including other symptoms of mania.

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