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Is there something that can be done about the mistreatment?

November 14, 2019

Organizations out here in San Jose that have been put together to help disabled people abound but not every single one has its heart in the right place. Zephyr is one of the good ones I’ve been to. So is Grace Community and Occupational therapy at San Jose State. But the ones I have had bad experiences with will not be named. I’m not going back to them for any reason. I’ve successfully proven to SSI that I can work, I’m motivated to work, and that I feel I can work from home. So in which case, whatever, because I will eventually succeed at getting a job, which is something my family lives in dread of. This means I will succeed at something long thought difficult. Their bullshit cannot hold up for much longer. So I ask everybody who has ever thought I’m the disabled one, think about who remains untreated.

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