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Why Clairvoyance Makes Me Anxious

November 15, 2019

Well, really, all of the psychic crap makes me anxious. Everything makes me anxious and stressed really. I’m trying to learn to live with less anxiety, because my anxiety haunts my every waking moment at times, even if I do not have obvious symptoms anymore, like sweaty palms or a racing heart. Anxiety colors my daily life but not as bad as it used to in high school, for any high school and college friends who may be reading this. I live an anxiety-free existence but my memories do occasionally come up to bite me in the CPTSD ass.

Wikipedia defines clairvoyance as an ability to see, or gain information about an object, person, location or physical event as a subset of extrasensory perception i.e. telepathy. While science wants to study the existence of paranormal faculties, it is not always accepted by science that this faculty happens to be quite real. I’m not just a schizophrenic; I’m a psychic, a psychic who needs meds to give myself a break. Clairvoyance is simply not a normal perceptual skill that has to do with average, ordinary five senses. Remote viewing is a way to view a target without using the five senses also.

My difficulty with clairvoyance is prominent in that it makes me stressed. Anything psychic causes me so much stress, that sometimes I have to say home all day to feel better. Today I’m going to throw out the garbage, as well as go to the mailbox. That’s it. This is because of the fact while I have consistently shown up to San Jose State therapy; I’m pretty much wiped out from taking the light rail. At least in the present, I can thoroughly ground myself and ground myself well because I’m trying to work on it daily.

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