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Anxious Empaths Take Away Other People’s Anxiety

November 15, 2019

You could say my anxiety runs in my family but my other relatives believe in drinking and not showing it. Anxious empaths are pretty much able to heap their own pain on top of other people’s pain. Not that this is a healthy way to go about managing your empathy, it isn’t. I have learned many a filter over the years, and how not to take away other people’s pain. Empathic people are great healers but sometimes I turn reclusive because I’m like, there is no way in hell I’m taking someone else’s pain from them. It gets to ridiculous levels I tell you. But anyway, what do I know?

I’m trying to filter the pain of the world by not paying attention to it. I take on my parent’s pain, on multiple levels, as in, multiple different kinds of pain. The pain is something I have to release to deity or to Earth, only because I have my own pain to worry about, that I do not always release. So in which case, I think I’ve finally learned to mind my own business since other people’s pain is not my business. Everybody learns to cope with pain in different ways, although some people were not taught by their parents more constructive ways of coping with pain.

I used to be shave-my-legs and cut sort of cutter, who also inhaled inhalants. As an addict, I’m staying the hell away from Turkey Day environments with alcohol in them. I mean it. I’m an addict who has permanently turned away from addiction. I have to stay away from addicts in my family on top of that. But anyway, yes, I’m working on continuing my sobriety, something that people do not know about as something I struggle to maintain. I drank to self-medicate the psychic crap.

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