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Stress and the Psychic Crap: Why I cannot be aggravated by stress

November 15, 2019

Stress is something I try to stay away from seeing as my family deliberately tries to cause me stress when they know a schizophrenic cannot tolerate it well. See, when I do the same thing, I’m the villain that the narcissist portrays while when they do the same thing, they walk away unscathed by a note from my doctor back when I was in my twenties, saying, that I need less stress in my life. I also emphasized why I was trying to change my night schedule in 2008.

See, they want to cause me stress. Stress can make someone melt down, so anything to make me the emotional one despite them being worse because they don’t take a drop of medication. I’m the only treated one in my family. I try to make sure to stay focused on myself when on public transit because I want to make sure that I do not engage in what is not my business even I know what the person sitting next to me is thinking about. I’ve had guys on the bus see my unmarried ring finger and ask me to be their wife when I don’t know them, and I get away from them very quickly. Being psychic sure does pay off sometimes. I had a feeling when I saw this cat board. So remember, do not stress out a psychic with schizoaffective, because it makes stress worse for us.

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