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A Psychic Narcissist and their Instruction Manual

November 16, 2019

A psychic narcissist behaves in certain ways that means they are trying to screw you over by reading exactly how to best do this from hearing your thoughts. Psychic talent is a fact, and the psychic crap follows me around daily. Psychic situations abound, and I manage to know what each channel or skill is daily. Psychic stuff is natural for us humans, because we have skills that were not necessarily turned on in each person. We are a naturally psychic species, since this has been a part of our genes for millennia. Psychic narcissists merely know how to give people what they most want and then how to really, deliberately hurt them.

The narcissist in fiction is always the bad guy, simply because they have ill will, ill intent, and mean their victim harm. Narcissistic people want to hurt others. Narcissists inflict trauma on their victims because it lives on inside of them. You see, narcissists are sociopaths who spend their natural existence by being into manipulating people, messing with them, and in general throwing them under the bus. Sometimes, some people take this behavior well without complaining about it. They do not do anything to earn admiration and yet they want it. Life is too short to spend time with those sorts of people; a narcissist ought to be put in a hospital, never to interact with humans.

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