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Marvilla Destiny: A Character in the Land of True Blood

November 16, 2019

This is what I have so far on my extremely narcissistic malignant narcissist character, Marvilla Destiny.

Marvilla Destiny (played by Meryl Streep)– The Queen who orders the witch around. The Queen also commands a female garrison of troops, as they are planning on invading Samar just to make sure that they get at the gold Samar has. The Land of True Blood has a gold shortage. She has white hair, and runs the castle while her husband enslaves people to his army, his work detail, or his rule. This queen has said many a mean thing to Shella, who is a servant. The Queen is a ruler in the Castle Ire, with psychic talents that she uses to control people. She can get inside someone’s head and mess around, directing them to do things.

She spends her whole existence tormenting people, especially her favorite victim, Shella. Her husband is Konstar Destiny, a man who is mean to his subjects. Marvilla Destiny pushes around Shella, a servant, and makes her work to exhaustion. She and another witch, the palace seer named Aurora Silver, is actually fighting her a lot because Aurora wants to rule with an iron hand.

Shella gets psychically attacked in the middle of the night because we are putting in real life psychic skills into fiction. The only fictional psychic skill is light shooting from your hands, since that is totally fictional. Aura seers can see colors around people that do not exist in a normal color palette. Aurora is really messing with Marvilla and Marvilla is returning the favor to Shella. Shella is going to be made ill psychically, made delusional on a psychic level, Marvilla messes with Shella’s energy body, and Shella even pivots her leg the wrong way, winding up with a knee injury just like mine.

Marvilla will pretty much torment my main character who will not get a break until she visits the healer who will take over for the current healer. She will eventually overcome all the crap Marvilla is doing to her but I haven’t figured out how yet. It is possible that I might kill off Marvilla but I’m more confident about obviously killing of Konstar. Joxan and Xeyra will wind up in the dungeon. This is a story about a social revolution on Tiamat in ancient times since civilizations come and go, which is something I channeled in my head this morning while thinking about the history of my setting.

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