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Why I’m Grateful for my Medication

November 16, 2019

My medication is all about keeping me stable. I have experienced psychokinesis a lot in my ordinary existence. Why? I have managed to bend needles on and off. I have seen forks, spoons, and some knives bend in my presence. I have bent a fork without being in the room for goodness sake. I’m trying to keep my head above water financially. I’m not driving right now because I’m stressed from my improving knee injury. To think I was driving in 2017 when maybe I shouldn’t have been going to class or driving. I need to go to the Work 2 future site and see about getting food for my house although by now I have EBT. I’m looking to make money off of this blog or my own writing. But hey, having medication means the trap is halfway sprung. I can release it all the way now by making extra money. Stigma happens when some of us are not on medication, it means that people enjoy messing with you until you get on medication. Medication helps you sleep and make rational sense, that is all.

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