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Claircognizance, Making It Work For You

November 17, 2019

Ahh Claircognizance. It is less of a bitch now that I understand the psychic crap way better. I understand it a lot now compared to how I felt about it in high school being as ignorant as I was back then. See, my family wanted to keep me ignorant. They let loose a lot of destructive behaviors on me back then, but anyway, this is about how I’ve wrapped my brain around what claircognizance actually is. Claircognizance in my experience is a way to have flashes of insight from your brain to your conscious mind.

As a clair, it is an ESP faculty where people are plugged into the universe. It means that I can think about something doing a thought experiment and arrive at an answer in short order. I’m good at finding answers on my own. I can totally do this very easily. I’ve started to see how useful claircognizance will be as a psychic private investigator, and a psychic due diligence researcher (since that business plan is on the business plans 2020 and above list). Claircognizance by the way, says that business plans are almost done to the point where I need to hustle and get business partners.

Claircognizance is my primary talent actually, because somehow I’m always getting medical intuitive answers in my freakin’ head all the time. With regard to my own health problems, I trust my intuition a lot to the point where my endo said to trust my instincts and I’m like, hey she read my emails and possibly my blog. Having all this psychic talent can cause me stress, which is why I need my medication in the first place. I was not on meds until I was 20, so make what you like of that and realize that my life was severely stressful until I realized I was a caffeine addict and quit that. Claircognizance is a worthwhile skill I’ve discovered.

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