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Why I’ve Not Been In School For So Long

November 17, 2019

Claircognizance gives me the skill to see that I’m addicted to school stress, not feeling good about myself and getting the grade. This could plunge me right back into caffeine addiction, staying up late addiction, not getting enough sleep addiction, and alcohol addiction. You see, no one with my skill set should be drinking, pressured into drinking, or forced to drink. I haven’t been in school for that long because I’m pretty much trying to keep my head above water. School is very much a drag for me because I get all, I feel inadequate about myself, and I have to over work myself.

This gets to ridiculous levels. I’m like, to the point where I’m saying to myself, I felt adequate at Work 2 Future, and I didn’t get back into caffeine. I have to be careful with hot chocolate now. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous. But it is true. Being a claircognizant means that I do know things about the future in addition to coming up with various intuitive insights. My Daily Om class says that opening intuition is asking for it. I’ve got it in abundance though. I’m begging for shut down, and I’m trying to shut the damn thing off.

School could stress me out. This is why I need to sell businesses so I can afford to become a full time law student at UCLA. But backtracking to my classes that I have to take at De Anza, I need to take online classes so as to balance my life. I am still working on a degree as a psychic for My major is psychic arts, and healing double major as usual. I’m in the pending level-up payment phase right now. I’m taking my pending-level up break. I do nail the good grades now because of my medication, which is awesome.

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