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November 18, 2019

Xenoglossy– the ability to deconstruct and understand foreign languages using empathy alone to decipher what someone with limited English skills is saying. This can apply to any foreign language. Usually though, Xenoglossy implies that the psychic person exhibiting this talent has not heard the foreign language they are speaking. I once channeled the term “Píca” which is like the English term “cunt,” and that refers to a vagina. Playing Scrabble with me gets interesting as I channel words in foreign languages. The foreign language might have been learned and then forgotten, but Xenoglossy is great for an ESL teacher to have as I want to become one. In my experience I helped someone at a food bank which was in a Catholic Church, communicate in a mixture of English and Chinese that he had eggs on the back of his bike. I managed to figure out what he was saying. ( Xenoglossy is about spontaneous language. Xenoglossy is an interesting phenomenon which has helped me with my Spanish. I’m scared to use it on any other languages though because I do not want to shock people. I will use it in Chinese class, conversational Mandarin and Cantonese. Xenoglossy means the person speaking is able to maintain a conversation with people who speak the foreign language in question. (

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