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How am I like Edgar Cayce?

November 18, 2019

Edgar Cayce founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment as a nonprofit founded in 1931, while making sure to do 14,306 readings. I keep to myself, so I do not necessarily have the extreme experience he had in life. Edgar Cayce had no medical background but he did readings on holistic health and how to treat various illnesses that sometimes, some doctors knew nothing about how to fix. Edgar Cayce worked on life purpose readings that also dabbled in how to fix arthritis. Edgar Cayce was see as the “father of holistic” medicine. I feel I share a skill set with him.

He was a medium who could also view the Akashic Records. Edgar Cayce discovered what he could do when his voice went raspy. He went into his first trance, describing in detail what went on with his vocal cord and how to fix it. I’m most like him, and Uri Gellar, because I share a skill set with both of them. I want an actual MD so I can set up a practice. I have my business plan for a professional psychic meets a private investigator, rolled into one. A private investigation firm with a paranormal bent.

This work is part of my life’s work. My business ideas can keep me busy for the next thirty-forty years. I’m looking to start finding business partners, in particular for the psychic business. Cayce made sure to put his medical mediumship as his most intense priority. He had some failures as well as success though, when he didn’t find where oil wells would be drilled. There were also some people who he couldn’t read for. Edgar Cayce had clairvoyance which he used to find doctors and medicines. After reading about him, I feel like a tired person who is not doing anything with her life, to help people or to use my skills. Yes, the psychic crap permeates my existence! Of course, I want to do things with my life, but I have to heal up my knee and keep myself functional despite my hernia.

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