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Controlled Psychokinesis Experiments

November 19, 2019

How to do a controlled experiment without a doctor, specialist or parapsychologist, which I want to become myself? Yes, it means eating chocolate, keeping track of how many quantities that I’ve had. I have had a mini Hershey, a mini Kit Kat, and mini Butterfinger. That small amount does not necessarily trigger me. But then again the blinds in my house would attest to how I get triggered by being wound up, scared of something, stressed, or otherwise feeling intense about something. Intensity could be my low-income status wearing me down since Medical does allow a certain amount of income within the limit.

I’m scared of what a whole Starbucks or Subway chocolate chip cookie would do to me. What about a chocolate croissant, since that is triggering for things not just psychokinesis? I cuss a lot when triggered by OCD to trigger myself since that is a part of having OCD. I’m just grateful my mental illness is finally under control because medication helps me not bend metal, break glass, or otherwise use it. Changing a traffic light with your energy is relatively easy because I use either my third eye or my solar plexus. But anyway, yes, I need to type up my field notes I’ve been procrastinating about typing up. I need to make a list of caffeine content in my favorite chocolate products. I’ve had to cut chocolate from my diet, although I like chocolate. Sigh.

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