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Psychic Abilities in the Land of True Blood Story

November 19, 2019

Okay, so the Land of True Blood is the new novella I’ve decided to work on. It is a story that integrates real fact with science fiction or science fantasy. Fiction helps us unpack our brain, because it gives us instructions on how to cope. As a writer who is a psychic herself, I know that what I’m writing about is not fictional bullshit but many may think it so. I suppose I have my work as a science fiction writer cut out for me. My main character will be a psychic with schizophrenia who is abusive and hurts the victim’s feelings a lot and psychically attacks her every chance she gets with her telepathy. Shella gets severely mistreated, and victimized, by Queen Marvilla, and her ladies in Waiting. The story is about making fictional bullshit come to life.

What is fictional is energy coming out of your hands, in self-defense, which these aliens I’m writing about can do. They are mostly a psychic species but the spy isn’t. She is not born with the Sight or any ability. I’m trying not to make my story too graphic but there is a lot of verbal abuse in it. The Queen and King are very mean to people in a land where there is social equality between the sexes. I forgot to include this item when I was writing the preliminaries because I thought for a minute to make sexism a part of the conflict. King Konstar Destiny is actually hailing from time when sexism ran rampant in the kingdom until women joined the army. Donna has been a leader of the army for a long time but Konstar misses the old days. He’s harsh with his narcissist schizoaffective wife as he is also schizoaffective. But anyway, yes, I’m trying to write this story here.

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