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What is 22q?

November 22, 2019

22q is Velocardiofacial syndrome also known as DiGeorge. All 22q has done to me is cause pediatric-onset schizoaffective, because I have a genetic disability that means a small piece of my 22nd chromosome is missing. I’m only writing about this because November is 22q awareness month. There are 200 mild to serious health problems that can result from having 22q, which can also cause developmental problems. 22q is hard for most doctors to piece together as it manifests as a huge puzzle. My parents hid the truth from me in high school, because they didn’t want me to feel anymore different than I already felt but it would have been useful to have a diagnosis of schizoaffective and OCD by then. They simply refused to send me to a psychiatrist when I needed medical care.

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  1. I have 22q, too! Along with it I have autism and wasnt diagnosed with that until I was like 8 because my family didn’t bother to check for it since I was already getting “max help” that didn’t actually help lol. Heart defect, adhd, dyslexia, depression, autism, speech impediment (that I’ve sort of grown out of), etc. I can basically blame everything that’s wrong with me on my Digeorge syndrome lol. It’s nice being on here and reading about non-babies with 22q, since that’s all I see on it on other social media 😊

    • iriavp permalink

      There is a 22q Facebook group that you can join. It’s an Adult hang out started by other adults that is and, only those with 22q run the group. So no parents with their bitching and moaning, just us grown adults with that in mind. It’s a relief to finally talk to other people after all these years being the lone wolf.

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