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Claircognizance, How I Use it While Writing

November 22, 2019

Claircognizance is about having sudden insights that flood your brain without warning. This works with my writing quite well, because writing my stories requires being able to piece together a plot. Fiction is all about using real-life details to create fictional details. We writers make shit up, plain and simple. My use of detail in fiction is something I was well known for in school, where if I hadn’t been drinking, I would have gotten better grades. My claircognizance knows this is a fact. I have also had the insight that if I get manipulated into drinking again, I’d not shut up, cause a huge honking mess of a scene, and it’d be like I wouldn’t shut up. I see myself not going to Thanksgiving with my family this year, because I have had a strong buzz again, not to go. I have learned to trust my own instincts because my mother cannot tell me not to.

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