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Why Do I Want a Law Degree? What do I know about Munchausen by Proxy?

November 22, 2019

First of all, people with Munchausen by Proxy are deliberate liars. They like making shit up, confusing the doctor, and sending them on the wrong path. I should have been diagnosed hypothyroid in high school but my symptoms were dismissed. I want a law degree so I can help people in worse situations. Law is a demanding field of study, but it is something I’m willing to get done any time now. Then again I need my A.A. in film and television to get graduate school standing. Second of all Munchausen by Proxy is perpetuated by someone difficult to deal with, and is mostly achieved by a mother of a child. They also like to go after helpless people, ill people, and infirm people. I want a law degree for those who have been abused. There is not much I can do about my past but there is plenty of optimism for the future.

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