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Why Schizophrenics Need Their Medication And Why It is Plain Bizarre Not to Take It

November 23, 2019

Schizophrenics need their medication because it helps us make sense. Sometimes, bizarre things come out of our mouths. Medication like Geodon is an antipsychotic that helps us calm down, also giving us an ability to face reality. Remaining in denial of my schizoaffective didn’t work for me. I got myself medication again during my college years because I was being given shit in one class for not taking it. An All C semester was a result of not taking medication, but I’m lucky I didn’t take a break since the deal my family and I struck was that they’d pay the rent while I’d stay in school.

I was taking melatonin to sleep during that semester. Eventually I got back on the medication though, because I was realizing that my mother had manipulated me into stopping my medication taking. She was paying for my care, so she said not to go to a psychiatrist but to see an internist instead when internists don’t know shit about mental health to begin with. What a dangerous time from 2006-2010. I didn’t see a real psychiatrist until 2012 when I was finally diagnosed schizoaffective.

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