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Acupressure and Qigong

November 23, 2019

In my adult life, I started studying Qigong in college, and realized I would like a certificate in it. It would be interesting to have one because I want to learn about it in more depth so that I can teach other mentally ill people how to stay stable. Qigong helps the energy in your meridians flow. Since I’m bipolar 1, my meridians get unstable when I’m anxious, stressed or manic. Qigong helps me stay within an even keel, mentally speaking. I have at least one Qigong book at home., and I know the exercises tone organs, having a lot to do with the cultivation of Chi or life force in your body.

Chi breath is simply three sharp intakes of breath that can allow me to push someone bigger than myself. Acupressure also helps me better move my stagnant chi around. In the winter, I get run down from said stagnant chi because I’m trying to get enough sleep here, which replenishes my supply of chi. Last night I got in bed at like 6:30 p.m. because I was exhausted from my knees hurting since I had to go to the pharmacy walking. My knees are not hurting as much today since I got enough sleep.

I use acupressure on my cough, which could be caused by allergies, mold, a medication side effect, or my hernia. I’ve learned how to use an index finger on the Heaven Rushing Out point right under my Adam’s apple for 2 to 3 minutes although I suppose I do it 30 seconds. This is the heaven rushing out point.

I know about Heavenly Pillar point B in the back of your neck that also relieves my cough, as it is a point in the back of your neck that you can push with an index finger 7 to 8 minutes, and you can also massage it gently with your thumb and index finger. Elegant Mansion relies on pressing the point for 5 minutes. My coughing is probably coming from many sources, and I don’t know about using cough medication like Alka-Seltzer for it. You massage the point as long as is recommended and right now I did leave my index finger on it for longer. Also, there is a point on your arm below your wrist or Pericardium 6, or Lung Point 8.

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