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The Psychic Business

November 24, 2019

I want to study energy healing, and I want to have my own business, although I’m willing to be free for those in the hospital. What I want to do is start a private investigations firm where we have an interest in helping people with the paranormal, like Angel Investigations does on Angel, and being as public as I dare be. I know what I have experience in, I know what I don’t have experience in. I need at least 5,000 of private investigation work to go towards private investigation studies. A law degree would help a lot but I don’t have that yet.

The plan is to take a business law class, and make sure that I learn things about California business law that I do not necessarily know right now. Eventually I will make money and be enrolled. It has to happen soon but I’m glad I’m not in school right now. This private investigation business may need a partner, who buys me out for half the business at $500,000, and then I would bring in $100,000 a month. I want to use my skill as a private investigator that finds people for a living. I need to partner with an experienced investigator. I logged into Penn Foster just to see what the externship paperwork looks like so I could save it on my USB.

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