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Tarot Card Readings

November 24, 2019

Tarot card readings are all about interpretation. But I have a unique way of performing readings. I make people touch the cards, choose the cards, and then they read for themselves. I guide them with hints but they have to do the emotional labor. I do this to be wacky, but also to make them come up with the solution on their own. The solution is easy to find if you think about it, I am stressed enough with the moving of energy during the reading process itself. I therefore, cannot overexert myself with readings right now, even if it is a reading for myself.

Yes, I can read for myself. I can interpret the cards relatively better by now. I’ve moved up a year at, and I’m trying to finish my Greyschool degree because I know that can be marketed. I need the backing of my Greyschool degree to even begin to be a bookshop Tarot card reader, who has some experience. I want to gain experience starting to charge people at $25 an hour. I have two Tarot decks, the Rider-Waite and my Truth-Seeker’s Tarot Deck which I need to clean up, organize, and use again, as it has fallen into messy.

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