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Narcissist and their Ways

November 24, 2019

Narcissists do not have a conscience or attachments to people. They want to lie, manipulate, blame us, and never take responsibility for their behaviors. They get rages because they put us down, etc. Gee, that is why I’m not going to Thanksgiving this year, again. My knee can’t take it, my energy can’t take it. Narcissists and their minions cause too much destruction. I’m going to avoid my family this year again because my brain cannot stand up to the self-destructive need they have for me to drink. My aunt WILL throw my under the bus, yet another reason not to go.

So I stay home, stay in, order Pad Thai from Noodles & CO., chill, and eventually just relax. I’m glad that my family lives in Spain. According to this Youtube video, the flying monkeys are willing to allow the narcissist to say what is right, They let the brainwashing kick in by making the narcissist do the thinking, even if it is a total lie, and the narcissist is a bully. The narcissist makes them feel like the minion is on their team, so the narcissist doesn’t come after them. Easily brainwashed people allow themselves to be shallow. The flying monkey’s overlook obvious red flags. If you point out the narcissist’s cruelty, they get defensive and blame you by telling you that you are ungrateful. You have to stand up to group think, and make sure you are willing to pay the price that may be, since you are opting out.

There are people who have problems with families that dictate how the family will work. In my family, they expect me to drink, and going to Thanksgiving endangers my health. I want to not drink, not cause myself a huge ER worthy emergency, and in general, I’m staying home. It is impossible to fend off my uncle’s psychic manipulation talent, so I’m not going to expose myself to his bullshit, plain and simple. I need to stay away from alcohol, period. My family clearly would like me to drink alcohol. They want me to have booze. My roommate in 2004 were the same way, they wanted harm to come to me. I had to get out of there before they had homicidal rage. This is because I knew they had ill will towards me. But anyway, I’m making decisions that are right for me.

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