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Konstar Destiny: The Land of True Blood

November 25, 2019

Okay, so Konstar is one of the bad guys. Konstar is a telepath, a psychic, who has to read people’s thoughts all the time. The townspeople and the beach and river people bring him fish. The rest of the planet has not been explored, just Konstar’s kingdom. These people are very telepathic but not all of them have it on. Those without the psychic gifts are people who live with it shut off, and are happy to have it off. Psychic sensitivity often means that you do not get a break. This is what my life is like. I do not always get a break from the noise.

Konstar is a crafty narcissist who runs the Land of True Blood by planning a raid on the Kingdom of Samar. Zatan is the ruler of Samar, who has some idea of what Konstar is planning because he has a spy amongst those in The Land of True Blood. Shella is the innocent maid/servant girl with immense psychic talent to be a healer but who is working in the castle as a servant instead. Konstar does not know about her talents. He is having an affair with Aurora, the witch, who is invested in breaking up his marriage to his wife Marvilla. Konstar runs a kingdom of men and women as equals, but he is equal opportunity nasty to his soldiers, subjects, and servants. Konstar is the clear-cut bad guy.

There is nothing good about Konstar. He has no idea how mean he is, because he is schizophrenic, and on the autism spectrum, always saying mean things to people. The castle is a huge toxic environment. We do not have to mention that this story takes place on Tiamat 10,000 years ago when this planet was not an asteroid belt yet. But that’s where my setting actually is and I wonder if I should say it or not.

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