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Claircognizant Insight

November 25, 2019

Being psychic influences every area of my life. Why? Because it is simply the nature of the beast. I’m a very gifted psychic. I tried to lie in one of Cyndi Dales’ books that featured a psychic ability quiz. I scored 224 points or so the first time with the lying, that was still in the highly psychic category. Then, my next attempt, I got 335 points, as in, every possible point, scoring once again as “highly psychic.” My mind is very unquiet,, and I finally have a name for it besides bipolar 1 schizoaffective disorder. Yes, I get sudden ideas which can only help me as an entrepreneur. I am a definite interrupter, who uses my left brain a lot as I’m a touch ambidextrous with both hands. I do get answers to questions in my own head, and I know that a possible roommate is genuine and trustworthy but cannot back up my intuitiveness about this situation. She is someone I trust, oddly enough. I’m a writer. That right there, is me using my claircognizance all time, which is why I live by myself for now. I do like learning through books or words. The next time I see an atomic bomb imagery when I go somewhere, it means “drama” within.

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