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To the One Who Called me Retard-Face

November 26, 2019

Hey, I was alone on the San Jose State Campus, walking home, from therapy using my cane, when some black guy with dreadlocks had the nerve to call me retard-face. I was floored. I had a huge pimple that wasn’t disappearing just yet, I had been on a course of antibiotic for this said pimple. WTF is your issue asshole? How do you think my genetic disability is not that obvious or is it? Some say it isn’t. You were clearly trying to make me feel insecure. You knew I would never let you in my life, period, what with your looks? Your friend told you to shut up. I had the energy to walk away-that was it. I should have said more to shut you up but like I said, I had no energy for this. So next time you see me with my chin’s puffy skin, keep your goddamn mouth shut, I’m 38, and I do not look my age. One of the teachers at occupational therapy did say that the guy who did this could have become violent so I did make an effort to steer clear. Thank you to his friend who didn’t know just how much of an idiot this guy was for saying something to get him to shut the fuck up.

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