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Narcissism Kobyashi Maru No-Win

November 26, 2019

With a narcissist, I have started to learn from After Narcissistic Abuse that there is no way to win against them. They argue, they lie, they come after you. The best thing I can do is stay away from them. I’m relieved my family lives in Spain. Thank goodness. I do not have to be around them much anymore. My family is wondering when I’m going to Spain next, but “Perdon, no se va a españa,” Nunca. Not to stay with my aunt, for any reason as her appliances in her kitchen are totally failing. Her house is very cold. I’m not going to Spain in order to freeze to death during any season.

Also, I just have a plan to indefinitely stay the hell away from my parents. Why? Because they mean to sabotage my health, that’s why! This is why we ignore the lure of Spanish churros. Back when I was an alcoholic, I was drinking for the sake of being treated well by my narcissistic family, but then I realized it wasn’t worth it to be manipulated so I quit drinking. This is another reason to avoid the narcissists, as they will try to get me to start drinking again. I won’t, I can’t, I don’t.

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