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It Is Good To Avoid My Sabotaging Family

November 26, 2019

Why the hell do they want me there if only to put me down? I don’t drink, I gave up my addiction forever. I will not be forced back into drinking. I will not be forced to do something I do not want to do. Last year, when my parents were here, I was pretty much not going to Thanksgiving to avoid any nasty scenes, or anybody asking me to drink for them. I have given up my addiction. I’ve successfully not fallen off the wagon and kept myself sober. I was drinking to make myself behave like a girl, and less like a psychic who knows what someone will say next. I was drinking so I didn’t give people as much shit until I realized they deserve it. It is best to avoid my family this year, as eating Thanksgiving dinner is too many calories often enough. So many people knew I didn’t have medication and my family wasn’t getting me any. Nobody helped me. There is a long list of toxic people I stay the hell away from.

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