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The Next Step As An Entrepreneur

November 28, 2019

The next step I’m taking as an entrepreneur is to get angel investment going, as well as find business partners. I need solid, mentally together, and mentally well business partners. I have a lot to get done with my life. I’m almost done with my list of business plans, which I am planning on working on today. I even have a new 2020 list going. Today is work on the Gluten-free bakery day. I have ideas for how to make gluten-free baked goods but that will take research on my part using gluten-free flour. I want to create a whole line of gluten-free baked goods. Yes, I’m going to start putting the word out there that I need business partners, starting with working on that using this blog. The next step for me is to find partners, after all the plans are written, the said partner will have enough money to buy half the plan, half the business. I will then generate enough start-up income from angel investors.

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