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Why Entrepreneurship is More Flexible than A Real Job

November 28, 2019

You can work and set your own hours. Real jobs demand your time along with your tasks given over to them. As an entrepreneur, time is my most valuable resource. My time is valuable to me. My time means something. Employers, take note since I have many irons in the fire, I have competing interests. Do not take that personally, it is just the way my brain works. I like having multiple things to do. A job has to be busy for me otherwise I get bored easily and find something better that comes along. I know other chronic job hoppers like me because this is a bipolar thing. I’m doing my best to find myself a work from home gig or two. I’d rather work from home than out of an office. I’ve accepted both my destiny as an entrepreneur, and my work from home job with benefits style of living. Until my knee gets all the way better, and my hernia requires surgery, I’m going to have to work from home.

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