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My Psychic Private Investigative Firm/Business

November 29, 2019

My psychic private investigations firm is going to specialize in paranormal situations. I’m also going to start a business as a psychic who does readings. I’m a telempath but I’m not sure if I could ever read in a huge crowd, saying things like John Edwards does. I’m not even sure what kind of readings to offer, such as relationship readings. I may need a fictitious business name statement I have to file, but with what money? This is a website business, although I have to pay applicable San Jose, CA taxes to the city, State, and County I will operate in.

My psychic business could do aura readings. I have a sheet of paper listing potential sources of income, which I need to translate to a spreadsheet or perhaps a Word document. This blog itself is a source of income. I’m trying to line up sources of income here. I have one Wix site, and this blog, to advertise the psychic business. I ask for $25 an hour for a reading. I’ve had experience on a phone hotline, and now it is time to go into business for myself. So if you want a reading, and you are on my Facebook page, please email me or send me a private Facebook message.

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