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My Weakness As An Entrepreneur: Marketing

November 30, 2019

My big weakness as an entrepreneur is marketing. Marketing is something that does not come easy to some people, although I can learn it like anybody else. Marketing involves having a successful six to eight minute pitch geared towards the dwindling attention span of an adult. Marketing takes place inside your local community, something I do not do enough of which is walk or run a 5K charity walk, or sponsor a Little League team. I didn’t even think of printing bookmarks to leave at your library but I thought about fliers. I need ink for my printer to get this done. I’m contemplating going to Target to get real HP ink cartridges and put it on my Target card.

Coupons for your business are one way to promote the existence of it. I hadn’t even thought about coupons because I’m clueless about marketing. I also need to go to entrepreneur Meetups but I’m scared I’m going to run off the mouth and tell people my ideas who will then steal it. Back in 2016, I was doing Toastmasters to work on my public speaking skills. Public speaking skills are in high demand when you are an entrepreneur, so I was learning how to put together presentations that made sense.

A small business owner does not necessarily have to hire professional firms to get stuff done. I’m scared to get customers, since you have to talk to people, and I’m scared to get referrals. But then again, how else am I going to have a successful business? I already had a friend drop a hint she wants a reading. Customer relationships are how marketing gets done. I’m supposed to be talking to more people than I am. The first rule of marketing is also to give away samples of your business services or your product.

10 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget

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