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The Next Step and More Books From the Library

November 30, 2019

I need to get books on angel investing or look up endless resources online. The good part about the rain falling on the Bay Area is that I’m going to be able to stay indoors a lot with less opportunity to spend money. I’m trying to keep a lid on my spending this month. A total lid on it, as in, being very careful with my spending. I want to do better with my money, not worse. I want to see how much money I can actually save given the circumstances. Yes, I’m low income for now.

My net worth is $12,000 in the immediate present, or lifetime earnings. I have to wonder how I can make a lot more money than this. Getting more books from the library is necessary for my knowledge. At the end of the year, on Facebook, I write a post saying how many books I’ve read. The current count is like 73, give or take, and I keep up with my reading. It will rain consistently for the next few weeks. My car is parked in the garage, and the battery is dead because I need a new one.

I’d rather not drive feeling as stressed as I feel financially right now. There is no need to drive myself anywhere because I’m getting myself to appointments via the Medi-cal cab service. So in which case, I’m not driving. My family does not need to know about this. I’m very strict about the no-contact rules with them. I have to start getting business partners who can be an angel investor. This is one way to raise income to get off SSI. They cut you when you have significant income, and only when you have it. They are not that crazy about how much money you can have. I know many of their rules, and I can work around it.

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