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Why I Used to Drink

December 3, 2019

I drank to ease the pain of picking up on other people’s psychic stuff. Sure, it made me messed up, but that was preferable to loud schizophrenia symptoms in addition to the psychic crap. I also had OCD going on. That was horrible enough to deal with in a fashion I didn’t know I had OCD. I’m a checker, a hand washer, and someone who has to unlock the door after locking it. This is why I yell at the OCD bully in my head before I leave the house, saying to it, OCD, I know what you are trying to pull, quit it, I’m not putting up with your shit. It works on schizophrenia too, because I tell the voice to shut up. But anyway, yes, I’m trying to manage all my mental health problems with medication, which works but I’m not driving right now because I don’t feel right, I’m unfocused, and I feel loopy, so being in some pain even though my knee bends is an indication I shouldn’t drive around that much.

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