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The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

December 3, 2019

First your heart beats faster. I used to have so much anxiety that it may have sounded like a heart murmur but it wasn’t. Now my medication helps correct this anxiety symptom. Anxiety disorders cause many a physical symptom such as the fight-or-flight response, which causes, well, more anxiety. Anxiety comes up when one is under pressure, because it can help you stay alert and focused on what comes next. But anxiety can also set you up for high blood pressure, which I walked around with for many years without noticing, or having proper treatment for it since Geodon causes high blood pressure anyway.

High blood pressure is what contributes to the wound up feeling. Constant anxiety can feel overwhelming, because worries and fears spring up, that interfere with your relationships. Heck, anxiety interferes with your life. I’ve been hearing wonderful stories lately about CBD oil being very helpful for anxiety. Anxiety attacks strike all of a sudden, out of nowhere, because you could be feeling fine but suddenly be reminded of something that makes you anxious, and there you go. Anxiety is seen as a feeling of fearing something may happen, and dreading this eventual reality. If you watch for signs of danger, you are wondering when something will hit the fan.

This is how I feel around my family, constant anxiety, on edge, wondering who will get angry at whom in a quiet manner as opposed to having it out, saying what you feel, and being treated well out in the open. Anxiety can cause me trouble concentrating because in the end, I’m just an anxious schizoaffective, not someone with ADD or ADHD. I’m not on the autism spectrum at any rate. None. Psychological testing is a great way to shut doubters up who want to make me paranoid.

Anxiety can cause sweating, headaches, an upset stomach, dizziness, and a frequent need to pee or have diarrhea. Anxiety makes you feel shortness of breath, muscle tension or twitches, which happened to me yesterday because my back hurt momentarily after I got my labs done, and I went to Denny’s to get food. Anxiety makes a person shake or tremble, lastly causing insomnia. People with anxiety wonder if it is a mental illness but as someone with anxiety and schizophrenia, I can tell you they are two separate thing and having both is hell. Anxiety attacks make me feel like I’m going to faint, die, or lose control.

My family’s behavior really doesn’t help. Anxiety attacks can cause nausea, and on planes, if it is bad enough, I puke. Its bad enough I’m picking up on other people’s anxiety. But yes, even on land I may wind up puking my guts out before say, performing. I avoid driving right now because I’m wondering if I’m going to scare myself to death, so the car stays dead. I have OCD in addition to anxiety, and that is a nightmare but it is under control with my medication. I have phobias, like my mother, and PTSD, which give me flashbacks. This blog will someday make $100,000 a month, I hope, which can mean money in the bank for me. These days, I’m highly sensitive to chocolate, which is just cheeky of my body to do to me. The nerve, depriving me of my favorite food that really does relax me. Seriously though, I’m more relaxed because my family moved. Constant fights are no more but they will maybe come back. That causes me ridiculous anxiety already, and it was merely a hint dropped on me as a maybe.

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