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Codependency and Alcoholism

December 4, 2019

Codependency and alcoholism is alive within me. Lately in my adult life, during the holiday season, I have decided to stay in, instead of dealing with people who used to get me to drink a lot. Those who manipulate people into drinking do it with the intention of getting a person drunk. Drinking is in general, not good for you. It is something earth humans do to dull the pain of existence. I made a decision to stop drinking in 2010 because it interfered with my academic life more than one time. Somehow I was able to drink on medication in college. My roommates easily manipulated my alcoholism in Fall 2004.

Alcoholism is a funny illness because you truly don’t notice how much you’ve had until somebody points it out. Not only am I an alcoholic, I’m addicted to stress. School causes me stress, so therefore I have to limit my consumption of academia. In high school, I was curious about alcohol but I stayed away from it. My parents previously kept a well-stocked liquor collection. They also added up their wine bottles of which I took an incriminating picture of because yes, it runs in my family. The big lie alcoholism tells you are that you can function with it.

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