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December 6, 2019

I keep my mouth shut about whom I talk to but I can just travel the world with my thoughts. There is a way to talk mind to mind with someone, and all you have to do is think at him or her. Your thoughts, to their thoughts, very mind-meld like at any rate. Psychic talent comes in many forms with telepathy being only one more form of ESP besides others like clairvoyance, which is made up of imagery. I find my psychic talent quite stress causing, but that’s just my schizoaffective talking. Anxiety comes from stress, as a feeling of apprehension or dread. I have a lot of it because I didn’t have medication to unteach me anxiety throughout my childhood until I was 20 and started driving. Well, added to that I’ve stopped driving to cut back on stress. The amount of harassment I get in psychic groups on Facebook for taking medication is just stupid. Seriously? I need to sleep at night, I like sleeping. I take my medication, the end.

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