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Hiding Behind My Skepticism is Not Helping Me

December 8, 2019

Sure, my parents may be coming back in the spring. I’ve decided anybody who is my roommate has to be a psychic. Yes, I may have found my first rescue. I want to let people who are escaping abusive situations live here, so long as they aren’t abusers themselves. This roommate meets certain criteria. My skepticism makes me very anxious, as does the psychic crap. We will see that my family evaluates my roommate situation. I’m glad I have the legal right to make my own choices, because anybody they’d select for me would be narcissist. But anyway, yes, I feel that my skepticism is something I need to start letting go of. The doorknob pictured on this blog is freakin’ real. There is no way I can hide that. It is why I took a picture and put it on my blog.

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