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Alcohol is Poison, Do Not Offer Booze to an Alcoholic

December 7, 2019

I’m a functional alcoholic. It means I can stay functional while drinking. I quit drinking in 2010, with occasional forays into alcohol in food that got me high. Even alcoholic vanilla has that effect so I just got myself non-alcoholic vanilla. It is rude to offer an addict their addiction. This is why I’m not doing anything this holiday season, because my own family would like to sabotage my stability. The cuz knows that I do not drink anymore, that drinking is bad for you, and that I’ve quit. But the family, not so much. I’m not swayed by “your uncle is all you have.” Toxic is toxic or you didn’t just not read my previous post.

I was drinking to dull my “strong woman” strength. It dulled my judgment. These days I have Lamictal for good judgment. I was showing very bad judgment with how much I used to drink in my 20s. I am now good at catching people who mean to manipulate me into drinking. This is why I have to stay away from some people, who would have me wait outside in the cold doing a certain yearly tradition. My boundaries are not often respected by my family in general. Least of all their friends. So I’m like, yo, I don’t drink, I’m an alcoholic. Don’t force it on me. Alcohol is poisonous. It could make me very sick in which case you have a drunken, and fragile, type 1-diabetic on your hands with a high tolerance. I’m shocked as some of my readers would be. So therefore, we avoid holiday parties, stress, anything reeking of weird, and those not at peace with their addiction, just like my family in general who can’t see themselves as having the problem, and besides my drinking disturbs people. This much I learned while getting stable and sober.

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