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More Reasons I Don’t and Shouldn’t Drink

December 12, 2019

I’m not as easily brainwashed to drink like other people. The hernia is in there, but I’m functional despite that hiatal hernia thing stuck in my body. It isn’t acting out as much anymore. But this hernia is a huge reason not to drink. I would rather keep my business and book writing ideas to myself. If I drink, there goes my inhibition. Anybody who wishes I were drinking is not trustworthy. I’m a recovered functional alcoholic. I’d rather be a direct, blunt, and evil bitch to people as opposed to a “nice” push over. I’d rather be able to set boundaries than have none. I don’t have good examples since my family is overrun by their addictions to many different toxic situations or substances. I set the example but it gets shat on so I’m going to just going to be like, eh, I’m the adult? I should not drink. No amount of pressure will make me because what happens if I drink? You are dealing with an out-of-control psychic, that’s what. The Gods are clear about this, no more booze.

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