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December 11, 2019

My pass plan is long and will feature my business plans on USB. I’m going to have to get a lockbox to keep my USB safe from my family. That much is something I need to get done. Also, I know for a fact that my dad has his sights set on sabotaging my USB drive. We are not going to let this happen. I want to make enough money to escape. My business idea is about making a website where psychics can participate in a social network type of environment where clients book their services. My PASS Plan has to mention that I want to be working on the HR end of things.

My PASS Plan is a plan that demonstrates how I’m going to maintain financial self-sufficiency. My other plan is to get a psychiatric evaluation now, and if my family comes back, get it again. They want to claim I’m unstable but one way to shut that idea up is to get a psychiatric evaluation on paper. How silly of the unstable people to malign me as if I’m the unstable one, got to love their narcissism. I’m doing well, in recovery, and stable. They can’t touch me.

If I can make money it will be to escape them. I have cleaning the house to get done as a high priority because I have to go drop off my sharps at Good Samaritan. But anyway, yes, I have a little plan to make them shut up. I’m stable, I’m happy, and I know what I’m doing. All I have to do is buy another laptop and I’m good to go. I go to great lengths to protect myself. The unstable ones know this. We win all the wars eventually, and that PASS plan will be something I’m working on this coming year.

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