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Why I Don’t Always Sleep the Whole Night

December 11, 2019

Not sleeping the whole night is something that I’ve done very well on my own since my toddler years. The thing is, not medicating a child with pediatric-onset schizoaffective whose parents used that as an excuse, was torment deliberately set up. Even children need medication, sweethearts. I might have heinous brain damage from not being treated as a child. I’m remembering bits of my high school freshman year. Being as severely sleep deprived as I was could have caused fainting or throwing up or maybe both. I somehow made it through each day because of coffee. Long menstrual cycles are a symptom of hypothyroidism.

I had some of that too in high school but no doctor noticed it. Somehow I survived chronic exhaustion without being broken. See, some were trying to break me, which is why I avoid the majority of my family in the present. If you people are going to disrespect me for being me, then why bother eh? This applies to anybody. Even old friends who I think I know but may not know that well after all. This is why I stay away from people since I get wound up, but sleeping the whole night, should that ever happen, will fix many a psychic problem or a health problem, either of that.

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