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How Dr. Judith Orloff Changed My Life

December 11, 2019

By virtue of being psychic, Dr. Judith Orloff coming out of that particular broom closet really helped me because I’ve read Second Sight twice, and I’m reading Positive Energy again so I can actually take the material seriously this time. I’m sometimes buffeted by people’s emotions. I do take it into my body and my energy system. I’m learning to stop doing this codependent crap. If you do not have shields, at all, it is painful to take other people’s emotions away. I know I’ve learned a lot over the years, enough to keep me stable.

I can get out of the house every day now. I’m able to kick other’s energy out of my system more. I now take psychic stuff very seriously, since I’ve quit debasing myself thinking psychic ability is not real when it is. To think it isn’t real but to use it? That strikes me as unethical. I’ve come out on the other side realizing it is real. I cannot live in denial about my skills anymore. Whenever I face something Z-D is really pissed at me (family) and why? Because I can deal with dark shit by myself that they cannot deal with themselves, that’s why.

Dr. Judith Orloff is my hero because she became a psychiatrist. It was partly her that made me realize what a great career that will become. I refuse to be unethical like my family since they misuse their talents. I’ve attempted to shut it off from a distance. I can no longer afford to put my head in the sand on psychic shit. I’m having enough trouble as it is working on my finances in a solid manner. I know that eventually I’m going to make real money. I just have to keep plugging away at my business stuff until that happens.

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