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Steps to Sell a Business to Allies

December 17, 2019

We could see existing metaphysical bookshops as allies, not competitors. We have a service we want to put together for them, which includes providing a $1,000 a month salary to psychics as a bribe to lower their prices. They pay a $100 membership fee, and a blog function to publish and write articles, a Zoom-like connection with a program that can set up a Skype-like situation, and a banner. The banner is an advertising banner that they can put on their personal blog. This idea is in the business plan, which I need to edit after this little blurb on WordPress.

East West would be a useful ally to have around for this stuff. I monetized my own blog to make money off of it if I can. Metaphysical bookshops need to continue to generate revenue. My own brain said in a claircognizant hissy fit when I asked, which business should I start first? My brain said, start the website for psychics. I need to get startup cash or sell it to a metaphysical bookshop that has more resources, money, and inventory than I do. I may need an angel investor, who can put this idea together. I know that for approaching any existing business, I need a non-compete document and a non-disclosure agreement.

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