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Shadow of the Phoenix Rising

December 16, 2019

Phoenix Rising is a common name. But adding the term Shadow, I hope to stand out from other psychic websites. I need to tell my ideas to major metaphysical bookshops. EastWest was the last one left standing when other bookshops in Mountain View closed. This business idea is something I want to sell only because I feel another person can organize it better than I could with my inexperience. This is why I need to find an equal partner who buys half the business from reading the business plan if they have the money to pass a long to me.

I will send letters to psychics I know when I have the money for postage. Postage money is something I’m interested in having around. I’m going to be busy this year, writing books, business plans, etc. I have fiction to write, I have a lot to do. I have many ideas I need to put together into real pieces. But anyway, yes, this next year will be busy. I want to talk to companies about starting this website, which would involve selling the phone application idea also. Yes, I have an idea for a phone application attached to the site but that is in a separate business plan.

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