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The 22q Student College Fund

December 16, 2019

The 22q student college fund comes from my days in college when my parents paid the rent while I paid for school with a Pell grant which is why I have no debt now. After college, I worked for a year. I got various work experiences. I built income to put into my SSI. You see, SSI is your money, not the feds. Free health care is something you have to prove you have a disability to get. I have 22q or Velocardiofacial syndrome. I feel judged harshly by normal people. I feel like nobody will hire me because I have so much low self-esteem.

College was a great time in my life. I want to be able to help students get a full ride, room and board. They will take care of their food bill though. Having a college education does help me get jobs, but sometimes I get in a really dark headspace thinking, nobody is going to hire me, because of my disability. This is truly a dark thought. They said my 22q does not impact my ability to work, but my diabetes qualified me for SSI. I’ve stayed put low income for 10 years, although this year I have to work on making more income or getting off the system completely. That’s where this blog can make money monthly.

Yes, I have schizophrenia. What is it with my beliefs about work? I saw a theta healer once, and we both worked on those beliefs. My beliefs still haunt me though. It will take a hypnotherapist to heal it. My beliefs are not necessarily that dark anymore though since I got the Uber driver 10 trips bonus. But I quit when I got into a car accident. I was like, stressed that day, so I realized that I could not be an Uber driver long term. My knee injury sidelined me from many things that could be construed as over doing. I’m trying not to overdo anything.

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