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Jeff Bezos Rant

December 19, 2019

The richest man in the world could afford to pay his workers a better salary when somebody signs up to work with Amazon. I did apply for a job with them, I went to the drug test, to see if I could pass said drug test, which I did since I do not hang out with the Ex anymore. But I realized Amazon was too heavy in physical labor, in particular if their facility is refrigerated. I also realized that my insulin pump would freeze in an environment like that. So I decided not to work for them, it seemed like too much trouble.

I didn’t realize just how lucky this insight was until Bezos took away part-time health insurance benefits from his workers. At that point, I got fed up with him, and I thought, wow, seriously? I thought to myself, gee, hmm, I’m not working for someone who won’t provide benefits. Here he is, the richest man in the world, who cuts healthcare benefits, is stingy with his money, which the bottom line is that he doesn’t pay his employees as well as they could be paid. Yes, I’m critical but I would not do the same thing, as I’d set the example paying more than minimum wage.

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