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The 98% Movement

December 19, 2019

The 98% movement is about the upper 1% or 2% having all the wealth on this planet while the rest of us struggle to get by. The 1% is hoarding all the resources. I want to stay on the wealthy people’s list but give my money away consistently because I want to give my money away as necessary. But as always make enough money to stay rich. I need the money to pay the possibly intense hospital bills I may have. Whenever my status gets evaluated, I say I haven’t been in the hospital, ever, not even for the flu.

That is quite the track record. I have never had a severe DKA episode from diabetes. I’m sharp about taking care of it. Even if some would like that to happen, my enemies at least wish that. My friends are impressed with how I can stay out of the hospital. I’m able to avoid the hospital. The 1% owns the wealthy but that doesn’t mean that the 98% can’t make money for themselves. Most people do not see how truly helpless they are because of depending on the money system. Having money makes victims only slightly less helpless. This is why the 98% are fed up, why they protested for so long.

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