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Shadow of the Phoenix Rising

December 20, 2019

Shadow of the Phoenix Rising is a social network for psychics designed to give psychics a salary so that they can formally decide to lower their prices. Lowering their prices does not always happen because one 45-minute Tarot reading is worth $45. This website would offer an opportunity to interview like a normal job, just to see if the person is willing to make their prices more affordable. This is a way to secure work for my friends and acquaintances that already have a practice as a professional psychic. It would generate a stream of income for those who want to use their abilities to help others.

What I find appalling about the industry is how much people charge in general to make a profit. Some days you could work at a bookstore and get a whole lot of people while other days you get a whole lot of nothing. This website would try to generate business. Granted, some people would think this is a silly idea that has no merit at all, and nobody will help me with it anyway because to them it may be a concept that may not work out in their mind at all. This is when I need an angel investor/partner who is also a psychic and entrepreneur. So if you are out there, my Facebook is Alciraenaya.

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