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Frustrations With Men

December 21, 2019

Sure, I think about dating but not by myself. I want to try chaperoned dates, so that my chaperone can spot any red flags. No chaperone, no date. I’m faced with new choices in the new year. I’m not into online dating, but many people are shocked I’m older than I look. So in which case, I’m careful whom I talk to. I have to be wary of whom to trust. I leave the house and I feel picked on. Or at least I’m paranoid about somebody picking on me. My 22q is not immediately obvious. But see, I want to become a psychiatrist for people with my genetic disability/people on the fringe like psychics who do not always want to access medical care.

I’m frustrated by the concept of dating in general, which is why I dumped the ex since that relationship was headed nowhere. I needed to dump the ex for my mental health. I need to find a guy who will respect my boundaries unconditionally. Someone I do not need to be triggered by. I had to distance myself from the ex and his family altogether. He got dumped for many reasons, the least of which is my personal boundaries. This is why we use a chaperone.

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