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Why I’m Not Dating Right Now

December 21, 2019

Because I do not want to, plain and simple, and because I’m too traumatized from my last relationship, which means my PTSD is aggravated. I’m also traumatized from the Ex’s family since his mother was difficult to deal with. There is no pleasing her. She says mean things about everybody to other people, behind their backs. She wanted me to say mean things about the Ex. I’m not dating right now in order to avoid mean people. I can see my future boyfriends in Los Angeles. I need to date those who understand the psychic crap. I realize I’m great with anybody not of my race. My race, the Spanish and the Chileans, are sexist as shit. My ethnic background is Middle Eastern. Certainly I wouldn’t date a guy from there unless non-sexist, and not a racist. I have to figure out what my standards are, motivation for one, would be nice.

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